I want to take the time to introduce myself and my ministry. My name is Jeri Lynn Murphy and my ministry is Seasons of God Ministries. It seems in life we go through many seasons and stages. Some seasons are very dark and it feels like we will be in the winter stage forever.

We remain frozen in time, the dark time, and we become paralyzed in our pain and it seems we cannot go forward. Seasons of God Ministries is built upon God’s promises for our lives.

If God has called us, ladies and gentlemen, He will make a way for us. He has not forgotten you.

For He is a God who sees, He is a God who hears and He is a God who pays attention to our every need. Whatever your need is, He is a God who is more than enough!

So, I welcome you to my page and I welcome you to be my friend. Let’s walk together and take the hand of Jesus and let’s trust Him to lead the way into victory!

Job 11:16: “For you shall forget your misery; you shall remember it as waters that pass away.”

Have you lost your vision? What is your destiny? What is your passion in life? 

I believe God has a destiny plan for the lives of all who are born into this world. 

Many times because of pain and heartache we let go of our destiny that God has called us to fulfill. You were hand picked to live in this day and in this hour by God Himself. The Holy Spirit wants to revive us again, He wants to stir up our hearts and light that fire within us to burn in these last hours, to run in His race and to lead others to Him! Time is running out, the clock is ticking and He is calling, beckoning us to ... “Come forth!” 

Is your purpose going unfulfilled? Have you lost your motivation due to pain, rejection and discouragement? 

A loss of a love one? A loss of a marriage? Sickness or disease?

You are important to God! Your life counts! In life sometimes we need some encouragement. A fresh move of the Holy Spirit, to spring us forth and complete the call on our lives.  

I want to invite you to come to a meeting I am having called, “Pain to Purpose, Beauty for Ashes,” Tuesday, March 31, at Willow Lake Event Center, 3220 Mineral Wells Highway, Weatherford, at 6:30 p.m.

Hope to see you there! 


Jeri Lynn Murphy can be reached at seasonsofgod@hotmail.com.


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