Phil Riddle

Six of 10 voters in this week’s online poll support President Barack Obama’s plan to deploy 30,000 more American troops to Afghanistan in the next six months.

The poll is not scientific in nature and reflects only the opinions of those who voted.

Local support for the ongoing war was also reflected in Friday’s Democrat Talk Back feature as three of five interviewed were in favor of additional manpower at the Afghan front.

“I think it’s great if it’s what they need to do to go in there and get it done,” Randy Terry said.

Nicole Comet agreed. “I support it if it’s what will help get the job done.”

Still, nearly 40 percent of voters were against the troop buildup.

“I don’t like it,” said Ricky McDaniel, “because it’s not what he said when he was getting elected into office.”

A recent USA Today Gallup Poll shows a slim majority of Americans support Obama’s decision, but many fear the financial obligations of the war will limit the government’s ability to handle domestic issues.

According to the survey, national support is bilateral as 56 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of Democrats support Obama’s plan — even though Democrats also are inclined to suggest fewer troops be sent and for a shorter duration.

Independents are the most skeptical, dividing 45-44 percent.

An addendum to the poll shows two-thirds of respondents are concerned the costs of the conflict will make it more difficult to deal with problems close to home.

To participate in this week’s poll, visit and scroll to the bottom of the homepage.

This week’s question — “Is Tiger Woods’ reputation too damaged for him to be an effective spokesman for the companies he endorses?”

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