Dear editor,

Well there they go again, those that say they represent us! America once was a caring nation. But now that the elitist driven Republican right has captured the Evangelicals mindset, what do we have left? I will tell you now, it has nothing to do about the teachings of Christ, that once gave the people hope. Now it is about racial hate, bigotry, greed and disparity, while using Christian values as a front.

I saw it begun in the early 2000s under George W. Bush. We once trusted Wall Street, with investments, but no more. Their Super Computers making thousands of trades in a micro-second, has made trading like a Casino, where the odds are severely stacked against investors, similar to Houston,Texas’s Enron. Greed is still alive and well here.

The S&P’s downgrading of America’s credit, was orchestrated with Wall Street to bring an end to Obama’s leadership. In 2008, the S&P did not say a thing about the fraud in Securities and credit default swaps.  Home buyers across the nation were enticed, and sold. Later they had their homes stolen in foreclosure, right out from under them. Banks that had bundled security trades, had to make up after not finding the originals. Then fictitious loan paperwork surfaced, with signatures forged.

What an outrage !

The Tea Party’s movement, which once had good intentions about reducing indebtedness, interested many and even some Democrats. But when their Supreme Court “Citizens United” corporate funding began, the elderly and the poor and sick were targeted. People began to wake up ! Then, Tea Party Candidates ran for Congress, in 2010, winning votes for a majority. That’s when greedy hostage taking began, in the people’s House. The chopping block consisted of Social Security beneficiaries, Welfare recipients, and even veterans and Medicare and Medicaid patients fund’s. With all this mean spirit, not a dime was asked from the wealthiest, and nothing was requested from Corporations, that use loopholes to pay no taxes !

If America survives after Bush and in Obama’s Administration, the conversation can’t be about the “Profits,” it’s got to be about the People and jobs. The things that made America great were equality, liberty, and economical fairness. Can’t we become a caring people again, especially about our fellow man?

Darwin Yeary,


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