A greater threat to our nation?

Dear Editor:

A cartoon in the Aug. 31st edition has me confused. It appears that a black football player is kneeling and shouting things, and a guy is answering his shouts seeming to agree. The admonishments against Trump from the kneeler include he is (1) killing America, (2) killing the planet and (3) making the U. S. a laughing stock of the world. The ‘guy’ replies to the third statement saying, “…such from a guy kneeling during the National Anthem.” My question is this: when did kneeling during the national anthem become a greater threat to our nation that killing America and the planet. If/when our planet becomes too toxic to sustain life of any kind, it won’t matter what the black football player does.

In closing, I would like to extend kudos to Ron Sugg who points out in his letter how far behind Weatherford is in an effort to recycle. Shame on us!!!!


Judy Beeman


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