Dear Editor:

Governor Abbott recently imposed more reopening as we have seen increases in cases across our Lone Star state. While changes are reasonable, it is critical that they do not snowball into another lockdown.

If Texas wants to make it through this pandemic, it has to create a new normal where businesses are allowed to stay open and people use more caution than previously. Another lockdown won’t fix anything and will instead create an economic rollercoaster. This would be a disaster for all of us, our children, and the businesses that were forced to close the first time. This new normal comes with risks. As people come out of their houses and interact with each other, there will be an increase in cases as we have seen here in Texas.

But despite what social media wants you to believe, the death rate has not risen and according to CDC remains at 0.4%. COVID-19 is an extremely infectious disease, but thankfully, not a very lethal one. We need to stop fearing it. Instead, we need to respect it and learn to live with it. We need to protect ourselves and our families by washing our hands, wearing masks when appropriate, and social distancing when needed.

In the last several months, we have learned a lot about how to handle the virus and we are still learning. As a state and as a country we can’t afford to go back into a lockdown — small businesses can’t afford to fail, and families can’t afford to go through another period of complete isolation.

Katarina Lindley


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