Candidates and their convictions matter

Dear Editor:

In response to “Voting matters” in the letter to the editor of Nov. 17, the author wanted to make sure you knew how the candidates voted in previous elections. It is not how a citizen voted in previous elections dating back to 2009, but how as an elected representative they will vote on issues affecting their constituents without interference from lobbyists.

Saul experienced a revelation on the road to Damascus. Shelley Luther experienced a revelation as she was escorted to jail. She is the only candidate or elected official I know of that has gone to jail for her convictions.

She has shown she will stand and not walk away from her convictions and the convictions of those she will represent in the Austin swamp. Yes, it is the Austin swamp! There was a time when I proudly encouraged visitors to the Lone Star State to include Austin. Present conditions affect my enthusiasm.

Yes, voting matters and SD30 deserves a senator who maintains the strength of her convictions. Shelley Luther will be that senator.

Early voting is Dec. 9-15, Election Day is Dec. 19.

Larry Bartoli

Republican Chair of

Precinct 325, Parker County

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