COVID and masks

Dear Editor:

I am a healthcare professional who has to go out in the community for personal items and food. I follow the rules-masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing.

My husband and I are eating lunch out today at a very popular place off 180. The booths and tables are spaced appropriately but the servers — looks like the female servers — cheat with the mask. Other consumers do too. I don’t expect to see a nose outside of the mask or a mask around a server’s chin. I take it as disrespectful to me and inconsiderate of my health in an epidemic.

The last time I ate out was when my son visited from out of state. We went to a popular place for breakfast and lunch. There was no social distancing, wait staff had masks but did not wear them properly. This place was packed — even people were waiting on benches near the door. A truly unhealthy environment for workers and consumers. My husband and I looked at one another and said, “we will not be coming here again — ever.” We will go to the sister place just outside Weatherford. A little drive but we feel safer and they follow the rules. I was shopping in a grocery store on Thursday and a woman and her son were not wearing anything at all. No mask. Not following the movement in the store as outlined for social distancing.

COVID is not going away any time soon. Statistics relate 50% of cases are shared by asymptomatic people. 50%. COVID is not on a separate planet. It is here surrounding each of us.

Wise up! Protect yourselves, your families and your friends. Follow the rules — wear a mask correctly. Frequently use hand sanitizer when you are away from home.

Brenda Frame


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