Hit Aledo where it hurts most

Dear Editor:

The recent news of Aledo students managing a “slave trade” game is disgusting. As an alum of Aledo High School, I hope for better, but am not surprised by my alma mater. To properly show Aledo that racism is never tolerated, the school should be punished in a way that makes that painfully clear. Aledo sports should be banned from postseason play for the next year.

While racism begins at home, the school and individual students are just as much to blame. As a football powerhouse and competitor in many sports, Aledo has focused on athletics for many years. Postseason bans are not uncommon in college or high school athletics. To show the students, school, and community that racism has consequence, the school must be punished. Perhaps they could shift some of those funds to the classroom, starting with American History.

Hunter W. Bezner, Aledo

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