Journalistic integrity

Dear Editor:

I believe it is a newspaper’s responsibility to publish political opinion pieces. However, I also believe that newspapers should exercise some journalistic integrity in selecting the pieces to publish.  

Case in point the article by Donald Lambro in the 11 August edition. The writer’s article begins with “The US economy is tanking faster that one can say Donald Trump.” and ends with ...”President Trump has a lot of explaining to do.” That theme is all well and good except for the meat of the article and here is where a reasonable amount of journalistic integrity would have stopped this article in its tracks. Mr. Lambro points out that millions of jobs have been lost, big box stores nationwide have or are closing, well established brands are filing for bankruptcy, and economist expect the economy to “shrink”. 

 All of these things are true and/or probable. In stark contrast his opening and closing, Mr. Lambro also points out some of the causative factors; such as Dunkin Donuts closing stores because its gas station partner changed, Nordstroms closing due to locating stores “in sub-optimal locations, Macy’s because of reliance on shopping malls (suffering greatly from on-line shopping) and competition within the malls themselves. 

Mr. Lambro places some accountability on COVID-19 and herein lies my point.  

At no time does he mention the economic lockdowns instituted by state governors. He fails to mention the near hysteria caused by the media regarding the virus. Crickets regarding the poor corporate decisions that have caused the financial problems for many of these businesses. No. He wants to lay the blame on the president. At no time does Mr. Lambro identify any specific residential decision/policy that is a factor in the economic examples he gives. Why, I expect the true motivation is to help defeat the president, and as most of us know for people like Mr. Lambro, nothing is beyond the pale when it comes to that.

Semper Fi,

Gary Mike McConnell

Mineral Wells

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