Our children deserve better

Dear Editor:

Albert Einstein once said, “We must recognize what in our accepted tradition is damaging to our fate — and shape our lives accordingly.”

When I read about the abhorrent actions of some of the students of the Aledo school, I was horrified and embarrassed. Not only by the actions of the students who participated in such a barbaric display of bigotry, but also the image it gives our area of Texas. 

These are children. Their behavior isn’t learned from television and it isn’t self-taught. They learn from the actions of the parent. You are responsible for what your child is exposed to for the most part, as you are also, or should be, their role model. 

It’s time to give them better examples. Go to art and science exhibits. Experience nature together and read books to them. Let go of the hatred towards difference and change. 

Humans are amazing creatures with an enormous capacity for love, learning, and tolerance. Making the world a better place starts with yourself.

Sam Simmons, Santo

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