Rogers is honest, hard-working

Dear Editor:

I would like to voice my opinion on the upcoming runoff for State Rep. I support Glenn Rogers because he has experience and is an honest hard working man. His opponent, Mike Olcott is none of the above. 

His flyers tell lies about his opponent and list none of his own accomplishments because he has none. Most of Olcott’s campaign money comes from out of this district.

Fact: Dr. Glenn Rogers co-authored HB 1399 by Krause which bans gender modification or gender transitioning. Fact #2: Amendment 5 Olcott is referring to would prevent patients with prostate cancer and other serious medical conditions from acquiring expensive therapies without a generic substitute at a lower cost. Voting for said amendment would not have prevented off-label or illegal access to gender modification drugs. 

There is no limit to Olcott’s lies, but there is to his list of accomplishments.

Dottie Worthington,


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