Voting matters, vote Springer

Dear Editor:

Seems like we’ve been voting for months, but we have to vote again! We have a special election for our state senator on Dec. 19! Early voting starts Wednesday, Dec. 9 through Tuesday, Dec. 15. As you consider who you will vote for, I wanted to make sure you knew how they’ve participated in previous elections. The information is for the 2009 Constitutional Amendment election through the 2020 Republican Primary.

Drew Springer Jr. voted in all primaries and general elections including Constitutional Amendment elections.

Shelley Luther has voted in zero Republican primaries. She voted in the 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 general elections. She voted in zero Constitutional Amendment elections.

There’s been a lot of discussion about how the candidates would vote if elected, but Drew Springer Jr. is the only candidate with a record of support for life, the 2nd amendment, religious liberties, lower property taxes, a secure border and absolute support for our law enforcement. In a campaign, folks can say lots of stuff, but the proof is in what you know they’ve done. Please join me in voting for Drew Springer Jr., the proven conservative with a proven record of fighting for our issues!

Voting matters! Your vote matters! Their voting record is a clear indication of their engagement (or lack thereof) in the process to put folks in office that represent us! Early voting starts Wednesday, Dec. 9. I encourage you to vote early. On Election Day, Saturday, Dec. 19, there will be less than half of the normal polling places open in Parker County, so be sure and check with the Elections Office at 817-598-6185 to make sure that you know where to vote.

Together, we need to elect Drew Springer Jr. as our next State Senator!

Evon Markum


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