Have you watched any TV lately?

If you have, have you noticed the amazingly high number of self-improvement shows that seem to be taking over. It's as if we don't want to do anything ourselves. We'll just let TV tell us what to do.

There are shows that can tell you what to wear hosted by a couple who appear on their way to a Halloween party; what to eat, featuring a man who had to be brought in with a hydraulic lift; where to invest, hosted by a woman who had to take this job when the market crashed; and who to socialize with, featuring the president of the Ichabod Crane High School chess club and the 1994 national Dungeons and Dragons champion.

There are half-hour blocks of cable network time devoted to buying a house, selling a house, renovating a house, financing a house and cleaning house.

They have to spend very little on production since the stars of all their shows are real estate.

But my favorites are the programs involving subjects of such unmitigated, unparalleled laziness they have to call in a seven-person crew to help them organize the junk in their house.

Yeah, we need 30 minutes, interrupted by seven commercials for hardware stores, paint companies and exercise equipment, followed by the revelation of some self-proclaimed experts' joint decision to use BOXES to move junk from the house to the garage.

Really. Boxes. Does the press know about this?

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