SPRINGTOWN — If someone wanted to go to a game and see a shoot-out last year, they just needed to find out where the Springtown Porcupines were playing.

Featuring an All-State quarterback and receiver, the Porcupines produced huge numbers of yards.

But those guys are gone, leaving the Porcupines looking for new players to step into the role of playmaker.

Springtown head football coach Brad Turner feels his team scored too quickly last year, which put the Porcupines defense on the field too much. Turner plans to correct that with a steady dose of an improved running game, featuring seniors Al Owens and Raphael Kubrak.

“We scored too fast at times,” Turner said. “Our defense was not set up to be married to the type of offense we had. We are going to be better on defense. Hopefully, offensively, we will continue the production, but I think we have to run the ball more effectively.”

The Porcupines have plenty of other reasons to be confident this year running the ball, as they return four of the five linemen from last season, a mobile quarterback in Kyle Wilson, and plans to have both Owens and Kubrak in the backfield at the same time.

“Wilson is not blazing fast, but he is a good, strong runner,” Turner said. “That coupled with our [four of the five] offensive linemen returning, I think our running game will be better.”

If the Porcupines can get the running game established on a nightly basis, the question becomes, can they maintain their high-production rate in the passing game?

“We still have all of our spread stuff,” Turner said. “We are in search of the next Jesse Hodge and Jonathan Silvey. We have some guys doing a good job now, but we will see.

“The good thing about our offense is we are not predicated on having a 3,000-yard passer or a 1,500-yard receiver. We can do with what talent we have. Hopefully, you will see us run the ball better, but I still think you will see us put some points on the board.”

One of Turner’s bigger concerns was replacing his son, Logan, at the quarterback spot. Wilson moved in from Weatherford and has established himself as the starting quarterback, which was an answered prayer for Turner. If Wilson had not moved in, Turner would have been forced into moving last year’s backup quarterback, Andrew Haddock, from receiver to quarterback.

“It would have left us with no receivers returning,” Turner said. “With Kyle moving in, coming in as a quarterback, Andrew is certainly happier where he is at.

“[Wilson] understands a lot of what we do. It was just learning the terminology and some things.”

Joining Haddock in the receiving corps is Danny Ferguson, Cass Snell, Rhett Ballard, Montana Marsh, Dylan Gathings and Jarrod Thompson.

The offensive line was one place where returning starters were not in short supply, which gives Turner confidence that the offense can do what it needs to do this season for the Porcupines to be successful.

“It helps a ton [having four of five offensive linemen returning], because it was brand new [last year], every ounce of it; to every kid we had, except for Logan [Turner],” Turner said. “He was like an additional coach. We don’t have that now, but every kid in our program, except the quarterback now, has been in the program for a year and a half. Those linemen, having a year under their belt, and I think every one of those kids last year, every returning offensive linemen, last year, was their first varsity snap. So having a year of varsity play and two springs, it is certainly going to be great. I told them the first day, our team will go as our big boys go.”

The Porcupines begin testing their renewed focus on the running game Friday night in Mineral Wells against the Rams at 7:30 p.m.

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