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The readers of the Athens Weekly Review in the 1930s of course saw a wide variety of articles covering Henderson County news. However, occasionally they also saw captioned photos covering people and events from the national scene. Many of these concerned recent movies, as well as the activities of politically or socially prominent figures – something that today we see in social media and on television news. However, the July 30, 1936 issue contained something unusual.

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You’ve probably never heard of Kellyville, Texas - located west of Jefferson - because like so many other communities it has long faded to history as its buildings fell into ruin and its residents drifted away. But aside from the memories, we can still appreciate Kellyville because of one particular native. This was the singer/songwriter/actor Stuart Hamblen whose songs we still enjoy today.

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Actors came from all over the country to honor friend and mentor Dennis Gilmore Friday and Saturday. The variety of acts, performers and memories made for a touching tribute to the man who was an important part of the Henderson County Performing Arts Center.

Dennis Gilmore, executive director of the Athens Little Theater from 1997 to 2013, had a tremendous passion for theater and his community. Gilmore’s passing came as a heartbreaking shock for those who knew him, with moving tributes rolling in from the many lives he touched.

 The classic 1942 movie "Casablanca'' has over the years become a treasured part of American culture for many reasons but mostly because of its war time plot, and the timeless performances by Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and others. However, what has also become classic was one particular line and even a person from the film – where Tyler native and East Texas Notable Dooley Wilson is told to “Play it again, Sam.” However, while Wilson has perhaps become best known for this scene and this role, there were some ironies involved. First the line was actually just, “Play it, Sam” and also, while Wilson simply fingered the keyboard he couldn’t play the instrument and the music actually came from an off screen pianist. And second and probably more important, though Wilson was a talented singer and drummer and had led his own bands, he was also an experienced and talented stage actor with numerous credits. Yet because of standard movie studio policy, because he was an African American, Wilson was limited to such roles as “Sam”- and as train porters.

For youngsters, the wheels of time turn slowly, no matter how many “hurry ups” they desire. Indeed, dream fulfillment is painfully slow.