Zach Boxell

In a recent interview, Brock Head Boys’ Basketball Coach Zach Boxell answered questions about his playing days, as well as his time leading the Eagles.


Question: Favorite memory as a player?

Answer: My dad coached me, so we had some good memories we get to look back on at family gatherings. And then I was fortunate enough to be a part of a state championship team, as well as some teams that made some regional tournaments too. So I have a lot of good memories as far as making memories with my teammates and having success, but then also me and my brothers have good memories as far as stories of playing for our dad as well. He’s the coach at Krum right now. I graduated from Lampasas where he was my coach.  He was the coach at Ponder for a long time where my brothers were. 


Q: Favorite memory as a coach?

A: I’ve been fortunate enough to have three state championships, and those are really some of my favorite memories. They’re all equally as important to you, and each team was different as far as situations or how each group came together, but all three were great memories.


Q: How do you celebrate a big win?

A: After a game, that’s the thing about coaching, if you win, you’re on a high. When you’re going out to eat with the team, the food tastes a little better, the company is better, you’re having a good time. Of course usually after our games it’s so late by the time we get back, I just go home and watch ESPN or Sports Center and unwind. 


Q: How do you move past a tough loss?

A: When you lose it’s sort of a roller coaster. You think about your losses more than your wins. You watch film and think about the things you can do to get better for the games coming up. Then when practice the next day rolls around, usually that’s the time you start forgetting about it and getting your team ready for the next game. But the night after a loss is tough.

Q: Biggest coaching inspiration?

A: Honestly my dad, being a coach all these years and still going at it, he has six state championships. So he’s been successful in his career, and me growing up and being a part of that, this is my 22nd year of coaching, but I turned 45 this year and it feels like I’ve been in the business for 45 years. Growing up a coach’s kid, watching his teams and being a part of his teams. He gives me someone I’m able to call and get advice from at the high school level that he’s dealt with for tons of years. He’s definitely a big reason why I chose a coaching career and someone I still call on to this day. Then college-wise, of course I’m a big Coach K [Mike Krzyzewski] fan, a big Duke fan. There’s tons of great coaches in the college ranks, but he’s one of my favorites. 


Q: Favorite basketball player?

A: I know he’s not the best, but one of my favorite players was Charles Barkley. I liked how he played with his size, going against all the bigger guys in the NBA at his position. And then I liked his attitude as far as never backing down from anybody. 


Q: Favorite professional basketball team?

A: I’m big Dallas Mavericks fan. They’ve got it rolling this year, they’re making it where it’s fun to watch them again. 


Q: Alternate sport to coach full-time?

A: I’ve been an assistant coach in several sports, football, baseball, track, even golf, but I definitely got into it because of basketball. Basketball is my love, so as far as taking on another sport full time, honestly if I wasn’t coaching basketball, I’d be doing something else. 


Q: Describe coaching in three words?

A: Dedication, motivation, love 

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