The Brock Eagles and Lady Eagles tennis team competed in the recent Duncanville Team Tournament, opening with a dominant 18-1 win over the host team (Duncanville) in the first round, before losing a pair of tightly contested matches versus Weatherford (10-9) and Timber Creek (11-8) in the second and third rounds, respectively.

Brock Head Tennis Coach Wesley Kidd, who came from Eaton High School, said his team’s play in the tournament proved a great learning experience for the Eagles and Lady Eagles.

“We had just a few practices prior to the tournament, so it was good for me to see what we have,” Kidd said.

“I was very pleased that [despite the score] in the first round, we continued to play up to our potential. Most of the matches were fairly decisive.”

Kidd said his team’s match versus Weatherford was an exciting back and forth affair, adding that Brock was only a few plays away from potentially pulling out a win.

“The second round against Weatherford was very close,” Kidd said.

“There were some matches that weren’t close, and a couple that were. The ones you really take away the most from are the ones that were close, that you could of had. And we definitely had one or two that could have gone our way. I hope it was a learning experience for the kids. It was pretty good, our girls were really holding their own.”

As for the team’s final match versus Timber Creek, Kidd said the effort by his players was there, adding that the Eagles and Lady Eagles simply need to continue improving their game as the season wears on.

“Most of those matches versus Timber Creek weren’t quite as close [as Weatherford],” Kidd said.

“We’ve got to get more matches on the guys’ side, but overall we competed well. It gave us a chance to see what we need to work on, mainly our pace of play and doubles.”

With that, Kidd said his time with Brock tennis so far has been an immensely positive one.

“It’s been pretty exciting,” Kidd said.

“It’s different coming from the Class 6A level. Everybody has welcomed me with open arms.”

Brock hosts Weatherford in a rematch at 4 p.m. Friday.