Sadie Carey

Weatherford High School’s varsity cross country team competed in its second meet of the season over the weekend, taking part in the Denton-based Marcus I Invitational.

The Roos finished 25th as a team in the 5000M Open Division.

The Lady Roos finished 14th as a team in the Three-Mile Elite Division. 

Weatherford’s boys’ individual results from Saturday are:

5000M (Open Division)

• Ryder Love, 61st with a time of  17:42.71

• Michael Dinkins, 138th with a time of 18:32.92

• Decklan Murphy, 162nd with a time of 18:44.61

• Brandon Watson, 184th with a time of 19:11.25

• Ebake Saidi, 188th with a time of 19:14.48

• Ty Gilliam, 199th with a time of 19:26.96

• Carter High, 217th with a time of 19:47.67

Weatherford’s girls’ individual results from Saturday are:

5000M (Elite Division)

• Sadie Carey, 22nd with a time of 17:43.58

• Olivia Christmas, 35th with a time of 18:16.97

• Ella Pando, 40th with a time of 18:21.09

• Diana Antonio, 141st with a time of 20:44.43

• Ashley Carlisle, 158th with a time of 21:13.77

• Emma Morsch, 164th with a time of 21:22.47

• Elaine Scott, 175th with a time of 21:40.23

The Roos and Lady Roos compete in the Parker County XC Championships at Weatherford’s Canyon West Golf Course Saturday.

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