Reagan Cox

In a recent interview, Millsap Head Boys’ Basketball Coach Reagan Cox answered questions about his playing days, as well as his time leading the Bulldogs.


Question: Favorite memory as a player?

Answer: I’m from Granbury, and my senior year, our entire varsity team was full of seniors, and they were guys I grew up with from when I was little. We were able to make the postseason for the first time in nine or 10 years there [thanks to] a three-way tie with Crowley and Arlington Seguin.. It was an awesome experience. It was fun to do it with all of my childhood best friends. That’s something I’ll always remember. 


Q: Favorite memory as a coach?

A: So far it would be making playoffs three years ago. I inherited an awesome group of seniors and every game toward the final stretch during the second half of district was a do-or-die situation, and we were winning each game by one or two points. And we ended up winning our last game against Tolar in overtime to clinch the fourth spot and make it to playoffs. 


Q: How do you celebrate a big win?

A: I try to let the guys enjoy it as much as possible. You prepare and try to execute everything perfectly in practice and translate that in games, and it’s fun when everything works like it’s supposed to. It’s fun to watch the guys get excited, knowing that hard work paid off. I let them enjoy it for the day and then it’s on to the next game.   


Q: How do you move past a tough loss?

A: I try not to dwell on it too much, every loss is a learning opportunity, and that’s what I tell the guys. Usually in losses, myself and the assistant coaches feel like we’re pointing out all the negatives of the game, but we try to explain to them, the negatives are something we need to improve on, it’s a learning opportunity. But the big thing is, we tell them not to dwell on it or get down on themselves. Just understand what we did wrong and what we need to do to fix it.


Q: Favorite basketball player?

A: I’d probably say Dirk Nowitzki, I’m a big Mavs fan. I’ve been able to watch him his whole career and it’s been exciting. When they won the championship in 2011, that was awesome, especially since minus the Cowboys in the ‘90s, [the Mavs] have been one of the main DFW championships we’ve got to enjoy and he pretty much carried the team on his back throughout all of that. Now I’m really enjoying Luka Dončić.


Q: Favorite basketball team?

A: Definitely the Mavs. Like I said, watching them win the championship in 2011, I’ll always remember where I was every single game of that series. Watching them lose to the Heat in 2006 was bitter to watch and I hated to see them lose that, so them getting a championship in 2011 was awesome to watch. 


Q: Favorite coach?

A: I would say professionally, probably Gregg Popovich of the Spurs. I never root for the Spurs, but I respect how he gets things done and how manages his team and how he may not have all the superstars but they get the job done. And to add onto that, every one of my coaches has had a positive impact on me, but I guess who got me started was my dad. I have a twin brother, and my dad always took charge of being our coach of every sports team, and he definitely got us loving the game and taught us the hard work and dedication it takes to be better. We’d sit out in the front yard and he’d be our catcher if we needed to practice pitching, or he’d be our rebounder if we needed to get shots up in the driveway, so my dad was definitely a huge inspiration with coaching and my love for sports.


Q: Most difficult position to play in basketball? 

A: I think it would have to be point guard. A lot of pressure is put on the point guard, they’re basically the general of the floor. They relay the play calls the coach is usually giving to the team, they’re focusing on trying to make sure their teammates are in the right spots, they’re trying to knock down shots while also distributing the ball properly. They have a lot to carry on their shoulders. 


Q: Alternate sport to coach?

A: I’d probably have to say baseball would be baseball would be my first choice, because growing up if I wasn’t playing select basketball or just basketball in general, I was on a select baseball team almost every year from the time you’re allowed to start playing. I know that game inside and out, so I feel like that would be something that would come pretty easy for me. And then nowadays I’m enjoying golf, so I’ve always thought being in charge of golf would be fun too.


Q: Describe coaching in three words?

A: Leadership, passion, execution

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