PV archers

These fresh-faced kids from Poolville are seeking world domination.

Poolville’s junior high archery team hopes to be world champs before the week is over. For the first time in school history, the archery team is headed to the world competition at the NASP Open Championships in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The trip provides an opportunity to compete against the best shooters around — and might even provide a sense of closure. After qualifying for state in the spring of 2020, Poolville’s team was sidelined after the pandemic caused all competitions to be cancelled.

“This year, they came back, ready to compete,” said Jamie Dunnam, principal at Poolville Junior High.

The team was ranked No. 116 going into the state tournament in Belton in March.

“They had a great showing at the state championships and qualified for nationals,” Dunnam said.

The national championship was held virtually, meaning the team posted qualifying shots from their home range in Poolville. Twelve members qualified for the world championships. Their trip begins at 7:45 a.m. Wednesday with a send off from behind the elementary school. The team will shoot at 1:30 p.m. on Friday in Myrtle Beach. The team’s adventure ends back in Poolville on Sunday.

PV archery team

Monarchs draw back their bows to let their arrows go.

The  roster headed to the world competition is coached by Holly Stanley and made up of the following students:

Kaitlyn Adamson (freshman)

Jesse Ard (freshman)

Joey Arnold (senior)

Cecil Curtis (7th grader)

Nathaniel Greene (8th grader)

Ian Hafley (6th grader)

William Jefferies (8th grader)

Lillian Osgood (senior)

Journie Simmons (6th grader, alternate)

Arthur Smith (8th grader)

Dace Thomas (8th grader)

Zoey Thomas (freshman)

Caitlyn Villasana (6th grader, alternate)

Makayla Witty (8th grader)

“Poolville ISD is proud of these Monarchs, and we know they will represent us well,” Dunnam said. “The program would like to thank all of the parents and coaches for all their support and assistance this year. We would also like to show our sincere appreciation to all of the donors for their financial gifts.”

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