Mason Burns, Millsap

Millsap senior football player Mason Burns recorded 43 tackles with four tackles for a loss to go with an interception and two fumble recoveries on defense during his senior year for the Bulldogs.

Get to know Millsap senior football player Mason Burns on and off the field.

When did you start playing football and why are you passionate about the sport?

“I started playing football at about 4 years old in the optimist league, and I’m passionate about the sport because it just allows me to be me. It allows me to express myself in ways that I may not be able to do off the football field.”

Were you always playing the same position? What makes you successful there? If not, what prompted the change?

“I started out playing running back and then I switched to center – probably because I was the biggest kid on the team — and then I switched to inside linebacker. I think what makes me successful there is that I’m fast and hard-headed – you’ve got to be hard-headed to play inside linebacker. You just have to think and then go.”

Best moment you’ve been a part of on varsity level?

“It was playing at AT&T Stadium. Just the atmosphere there and with the fans in the crowd, it was just a different feel. It was amazing and has to be the best moment.”

What is the best play you’ve made individually?

“The best play I’ve made individually was probably scoring a defensive touchdown against Dublin. It was in the second quarter for 55 yards I believe. It’s definitely a play I’ll always remember.’

Favorite pro athlete and why?

“My favorite pro athlete is J.J. Watt because he’s just a great dude and growing up watching him, I’ve always looked up to him. He’s just always been one of my favorites.”

If you could meet one person from any era dead or alive, who would it be and why?

“If I could meet any person, I’d have to go with George Strait – the King of Country. I’ve always been a big country guy, so I’d definitely go with George Strait.”

What is your go-to warm up music to listen to before games or on other occasions?

“My go-to warm up music is definitely from the D to the A by Tee Grizzly. It gets everyone hyped in the weight room or locker room – it gets you ready to go.”

Funniest/most embarrassing play you’ve been a part of or have witnessed?

“When I got hit in the private areas during practice one day, and we had to stop practice for about five minutes. I probably sat out for the rest of practice and everyone was laughing at me – it was a pretty good time and definitely memorable.”

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