Kelsi Tonips

Forrest Murphy/WD Sports

Brock High School softball’s Kelsi Tonips recently answered questions about her love of the game and future plans with the sport, as well as her thoughts on the current athletics suspension due to COVID-19.

Below is one in a series called Parker County Senior Spotlights, which highlights local spring-sport athletes whose final year of high school athletics has been affected by closures stemming from the COVID-19 virus. 


Today’s Senior Spotlight is on Brock High School softball’s Kelsi Tonips.


Question: What has the opportunity to play softball afforded you in life?

Answer: For me, softball has always been more than just a game, it’s so much more than that. Softball has brought out the best in me, and has introduced me to so many life long friends and great people. Softball has taught me so many life lessons; be the best you can be, never give up, never let a setback bring you down and work your hardest. Softball is an escape for me. On a bad day, I’ll go hit a bucket or take some ground balls and everything will be alright again. It’s amazing how this sport can do so much for a person, I love it.


Q: What are your thoughts on playing at the next level?

A: I actually just committed to Tyler Junior College. I fell in love with the campus, team and coaches. They are a hard-working program and I know they’ll push me to do better everyday. It’s an amazing environment with great people. I’m so excited to start playing there and blessed for the opportunity. 


Q: As a student athlete whose final high school season has been affected by COVID-19, what is your mentality in regards to getting through this experience?

A: This is a hard time for everyone. Personally, I believe everything happens for a reason, we just don’t know this reason yet. I was looking forward to my senior year, but this is just a small setback for a major comeback. You can either let it bring you down or you can work harder, get better  and be ready for the next opportunity. This is a great example of, ‘Play every game like it’s your last’. Down to the last play, give it 110 percent no matter what. Because you never know when your last game will be. 

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