Lauren Kizer

Forrest Murphy/WD Sports

Brock High School softball’s Lauren Kizer recently answered questions about her love of the game and future plans with the sport, as well as her thoughts on the current athletics suspension due to COVID-19.

Below is one in a series called Parker County Senior Spotlights, which highlights local spring-sport athletes whose final year of high school athletics has been affected by closures stemming from the COVID-19 virus. 


Today’s Senior Spotlight is on Brock High School softball’s Lauren Kizer.


Question: What has the opportunity to play softball afforded you in life?

Answer: I’ve been playing softball since first grade, so it has always been an important part of my life. Throughout those years, I’ve learned many life lessons, made many lifelong friends and have gotten the chance to learn from many great coaches. Softball more specifically has taught me how discipline and work ethic can contribute to growth and success. Softball has required me to maintain a level of commitment and sacrifice to be the player I am today. It has also taught me to never doubt myself or my abilities, because you never know what you’re truly capable of. 


Q: What are your thoughts on playing at the next level?

A: I love softball and I always will, that’s why my senior year was going to be so special, because it was going to be my last season. I’ve had some opportunities to play at the next level, but my dream has always been to go to Texas A&M University where I will start in the fall, majoring in public health.


Q: As a student athlete whose final high school season has been affected by COVID-19, what is your mentality in regards to getting through this experience?

A: The COVID-19 situation was unexpected and shocking, I have been looking forward to my senior season for as long as I can remember. The seniors on our team have a tight bond and we’ve been planning and preparing for this season since the state semifinals last year. I know that we all would give anything to be back on that field together again. We’re still holding each other accountable to continue  individual  workouts during this break so we’ll be ready to pick back up where we left off in case some version of this season can continue. I believe everyone should maintain the same work ethic and discipline along with a positive attitude. 

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