Hayden Holcomb


Weatherford High School softball’s Hayden Holcomb recently answered questions about her love of the game and future plans with the sport, as well as her thoughts on the current athletics suspension due to COVID-19.

Below is one in a series called Parker County Senior Spotlights, which highlights local spring-sport athletes whose final year of high school athletics has been affected by closures stemming from the COVID-19 virus. 


Today’s Senior Spotlight is on Weatherford HS softball first baseman Hayden Holcomb.


Question: What has the opportunity to play softball afforded you in life?

Answer: It’s taught me a lot of dedication and that if you work hard enough for something, you’re gonna get it. Also, it’s given me life-long friends and a family other than my own. 


Q: What are your thoughts on playing at the next level?

A: I’m not committed to play anywhere, and I don’t have any intention of playing in college. I’m actually gonna go to A&M and pursue veterinary medicine. But I’ll probably play slow pitch or something. 


Q: As a student athlete whose final high school season has been affected by COVID-19, what is your mentality in regards to getting through this experience?

A: For lack of a better word, it sucks. But I just hope that we can move past this and maybe get to play one more. I’m grateful for social media, being able to stay in touch with my teammates even though I might not be able to see them. 

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