Sandi Brown


Weatherford HS tennis’ Sandi Brown recently answered questions about her love of the game and future plans with the sport, as well as her thoughts on the current athletics cancellation due to COVID-19.

Below is one in a series called Parker County Senior Spotlights, which highlights local spring-sport athletes whose final year of high school athletics has been affected by closures stemming from the COVID-19 virus.


Today’s Senior Spotlight is on Weatherford HS tennis’ Sandi Brown.


Question: What has the opportunity to play tennis afforded you in life?

Answer: The opportunity to play tennis has taught me many valuable life lessons and I had so many experiences that I would not trade for the world. I learned the value of teamwork and how powerful perseverance and determination can be when one puts all their efforts towards a goal. Being able to play the sport that I am passionate about not only taught me the value of leadership and patience, but also that progress is made through hard work and takes time.


Q: What are your thoughts on playing at the next level?

A: While my love for tennis is great, I have decided to continue to work towards my ultimate dream which is becoming a doctor of veterinary medicine. I will most likely continue playing for the rest of my life for fun as I love my sport, but for now I have chosen to continue my education at Texas A&M University with a major in animal science. Both tennis and animals have been a huge part of my life so far, and I hope to be able to find a balance for both later on in life.


Q: As a student-athlete whose final high school season has been affected by COVID-19, what is your mentality in regard to getting through this experience?

A: While it saddens me to not be able to finish my spring season due to COVID-19, I am very grateful that tennis happens to have both a fall and spring season. While I was not able to play at district this year or go on our overnight tournament trip, I am grateful for being able to have participated in a few tournaments this season and spend time with my teammates. Right now I am remaining positive and maintaining a thankful spirit as I am so happy that I was able to enjoy the beginning of my spring season.

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