Sadie Carey

Forrest Murphy/WD Sports

Weatherford HS track and cross country’s Sadie Carey recently answered questions about her love of the game and future plans with the sport, as well as her thoughts on the current athletics cancellation due to COVID-19.

Below is one in a series called Parker County Senior Spotlights, which highlights local spring-sport athletes whose final year of high school athletics has been affected by closures stemming from the COVID-19 virus.


Today’s Senior Spotlight is on Weatherford HS track’s Sadie Carey.


Question: What has the opportunity to run track and cross country afforded you in life?

Answer: Being able to run track and cross country has opened up many opportunities for me, whether it be friendships that I have made within the team and with coaches, the ability to fully participate in a sport that I truly love or getting to run for an amazing school.


Q: What are your thoughts on playing at the next level?

A: I have been running for as long as I can remember and being able to continue that into college is awesome. Because running is such a big part of my life, I can’t imagine not doing it, and getting to run for Pitt is a great opportunity. I’m excited to be able to continue improving and to compete at the next level where I can challenge myself even more. 


Q: As a student-athlete whose final high school season has been affected by COVID-19, what is your mentality in regard to getting through this experience?

A: While COVID-19 has definitely hurt the competition season, it has provided more time for training which is incredibly beneficial and will give most athletes a chance to come back even better when they are able to compete again. For those who will not be competing in college and didn’t realize that their last meet was their last meet ever, I think it is important to not look at what you missed and to instead focus on everything that you have achieved.

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