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Springtown Lady Porcupine Shanna Teague tore her ACL last month at a UTA team basketball camp. She will miss her junior season with Springtown’s basketball team while she recovers from her injury.

Shanna Teague made plenty of waves on the hardwood her sophomore season with the Springtown Lady Porcupines basketball team, earning first-team all-district recognition (District 8-4A) while being named Parker County’s Utility Player of the Year.

Unfortunately, the incoming junior will have to wait until her senior season to follow up that strong performance with the Lady Porcupines.

Teague tore her ACL back in mid June during a UTA team basketball camp, an injury which she did not realize the full extent of until the following day.

“I was playing for Nike Texas Select which is an AAU elite team,” Teague said.

“In the second game [at the UTA camp] I stole a pass and started fast breaking to the basket. I went up for a layup and got hit. I landed wrong and heard a pop. I got up right away but my knee felt wrong. It swelled up pretty bad so I had to leave and go home. I had an MRI the next day and saw an orthopedic surgeon the following day. The doctor told me that I had a fully torn ACL and meniscus damage.”

For Teague, realizing she would miss her junior year with Springtown was arguably the most painful part of the entire experience.

“My first thought was, ‘When would I be able to play basketball again,’” Teague said.

“The doctor told me that it usually takes six months to heal. Most importantly though was that I [knew I] would not get to play my junior year for the Lady Porcupines. That was very upsetting.”

Springtown Head Girls’ Basketball Coach Nick Hatten said Teague’s presence on the court will be sorely missed.

“Losing Shanna definitely hurts,” Hatten said.

“She is a first-team all-district player in one of the toughest districts in the state. Her abilities and leadership on the court will be missed. She really has a great impact on the pace of the game for us and we are going to have to work hard to replace her during the time she is out. However, every one of our girls have been putting in a ton of work this summer and I fully expect a few of our girls to help fill that void.” 

The road to recovery has been an arduous one for Teague, however, the Lady Porcupine’s commitment to returning to the court has helped her through the process.

“My surgery was scheduled for July 12,” Teague said.

“I had to do prehab for three weeks to get the swelling down before they would operate. This went well and I finally went in for my surgery. They performed  full ACL arthroscopic reconstructive surgery on my knee. Once inside they found that my meniscus was not damaged as badly as they thought. 

“After surgery I was fitted with a full leg brace and sent home with calf compression devices to prevent blood clots, an automated ice therapy cooler and a constant knee motion device. The first night was rough. I was hurting and did not sleep a bit. But it got better as time went on. 

“Three days after surgery I went to physical therapy. Two days [after that] I was able to achieve a 0 degree extension of my knee and a 90 degree flexion. My therapist told me that was really good. 

“I have to go to rehab three days a week and have to do all the exercises they recommend at home every day. I use the motion machine several hours a day and have gone from 30 degrees to 95 degrees on it. In rehab I use a squat machine and do heel slides and do leg lifts. I am putting pressure on my leg and have started using a stationary bike. My extensions are still 0 and my flexion is up to 105 degrees. 

“I should get my new full motion knee brace next week. Then I will slowly get off crutches and learn how to walk again.”

Hatten said Teague’s exceptional recovery thus far is not a shock, considering her relentless work ethic.

“Shanna is a hard worker at everything she does, so it does not surprise me that she is ahead of schedule on her recovery,” Hatten said.

“I know she will do everything needed to come back and be better than she was before.”

Teague said the recovery process has taken an emotional toll at times, while stressing that support from her family, friends, coaches and teammates has eased that burden.

“It is tough. Some days are good and some not. My mom has helped me so much. She helps me with everything. She motivates me to do my PT on my own and is there at every rehab visit.”

UTA Head Women’s Basketball Coach Krista Gerlich and her staff called Teague wishing her well one week after the injury, while Springtown Superintendent Mike Kelley even attended her surgery. 

While she may not be able to suit up and take the court this upcoming season, Teague said she plans to use that time studying the game and helping her teammates in any way possible.

“I have a lot of motivation,” Teague said.

“Especially because I want to be playing basketball right now. I plan to be with the Lady Pines at every practice and every game to support and cheer them on. I think I can help out the younger players and get a different view from the bench. 

“I am hoping to see it from a coach’s point of view. Reading different offenses and defenses will help me when I return to the game.”

Even away from the court, Teague does not intend to let her injury keep her from succeeding in everything she pursues.

“I will have a lot of other things to do off the court,” Teague said.

“I want to concentrate on my dual credit classes and start studying for my SATs. Being in NHS I will be doing a lot of volunteer work. Hopefully in some animal shelters and senior citizen centers.” 

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