The Rock

Courtesy Photo/The Rock of Sports 

Gymnasts with The Rock of Sports & Performing Arts, including, from left, Rory Thomas, Kyra Lineha, Ari Palmeri, Ryann Canada and Alexa Liberty recently tested for a spot on the USA Gymnastics TOPs National Team.

Five gymnasts from the Weatherford-based Rock of Sports & Performing Arts recently tested for USA Gymnastics’ TOPs National Team in Indianapolis.

Each athlete previously worked to qualify for a spot in Indianapolis this summer to earn a score which placed them in the top 100 athletes in their respective age group (eight-year-old, nine-year-old and 10-year-old). 

Thousands of girls pursue this honor to follow in the training path of Olympians and world champions but only a small percentage ever reach a national test. 

This is the largest number The Rock has ever had qualify in one year.

Each of the girls, Alexa Liberty and Rory Thomas (8-year-old-group), Kyra Linehan (9-year-old-group) as well as  Ari Palmeri and Ryann Canada (10-year-old-group) all performed two days of testing. 

One day was on physical abilities of strength and flexibility. 

This consisted of tests like climbing a rope in a pike (no feet) with straight legs and incredible speed. 

The second day focused  on advanced gymnastic skills in all Olympic events. 

The Rock’s gymnasts now wait for the results to see if their performance landed them a place on the national team. 

Fifty girls (spanning all three abovementioned age groups) will be selected from the 300 that tested. 

Coach Tina Rusinovich and Coach Woo Cho both said they believe that regardless of the outcome, all of the girls have greatly benefitted and advanced their skill level just by working through the rigorous preparation to be in the top 100 of the US. 

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