The Weatherford Kangaroos have proven a model of consistency over the last 12 seasons, clinching a playoff berth in each of those years. 

Roos’ Head Coach Jason Lee, along with a number of current and former varsity players were busy working at the team’s advanced baseball camp Wednesday morning to ensure the program’s future generations are physically and mentally ready to continue that tradition when the time comes.

The camp, open to incoming seventh, eighth and ninth graders, gives future high school players a chance to get acclimated with the coaching staff’s expectations, Lee said.

After one day, the Roos’ head coach said he could tell the camp’s participants have worked to hone their skills on their own time.

“That’s one thing about Weatherford, we always have good baseball kids coming up,” Lee said.

“Our program is in good hands. I was very excited.

“Obviously it gets a little more intense when they get into the program, but it’s really nice to see the kids coming out.”

With all the players in attendance only one to three years away from trying out for the high school’s varsity and JV teams, the advanced baseball camp presents an excellent opportunity to establish good relationships with the kids.

“We get to know their names, see who they are, and they get to know us and see how we coach,” Lee said.

“It helps when they get here and have somewhat of an idea of how we teach them to do things.”

Attendees went through a variety of drills and exercises, the same Weatherford’s varsity team works through during the season.

“We started out and went through our long toss routine and tried to show them the different mechanics of throwing and how we teach our guys to play catch,” Lee said.

“We went through some drills with some of the catchers, trying to frame and also blocking drills. [We worked with] the infielders on ground balls and being able to come up ready to throw using the proper footwork. Same thing with the outfield.

“[Thursday] we’re planning on going over the mechanics of trying to throw runners out. As we go through the camp, we’ll probably work on some more team-type stuff where we work on relays, like if we have to do a double cut throwing to third base and showing them how we line up for those kinds of things.”