Shannon Scoggins, Lisa Clevland and some other moms in the city of Weatherford saw a need for a youth volleyball program and they took action to fill that need.

“We wanted our girls to have some (volleyball) experience before they get to middle school or junior high because once you get there, you either make the team or you don’t,” Scoggins said. “It’s not like a recreational league where everybody gets to play sports.

“There was a group of powerful moms, and when moms are on a mission they can do some things. We needed kids from different schools, so we called some moms at different schools and told them we wanted to get this together.

“When we met together that first time, there were two moms who said they tried to get something going, but it just fizzled out,” Scoggins said. “We decided we’ve got to get everybody. We can’t just get one school because you don’t want one school to have all the power, so we called parents from all the schools that we knew from other sports programs and said, ‘hey, lets all get together, lets put our minds together and figure out how to do this.’ It was a joint effort of a bunch of strong-willed moms.”

Thanks to Scoggins, Clevland and the other moms, the Weatherford Volleyball League was formed. Scoggins admitted she only expected about 65 kids to take part in the league, but after registration was done, there were more than 100 girls signed up for the first year of the WVL.

“We did registration for two weeks and we had a few stragglers,” Scoggins said. “We wanted to have it for two weeks, then cut it off and see where we were. After that, we called people we go to church with that we knew had businesses and asked for sponsors to help provide some money, because we needed a little bit to get started, for uniforms and balls.

“So far, there haven’t been any glitches and that’s what is so amazing is that there haven’t been any glitches.”

Scoggins said the one complaint she has received has not been about the league or about playing time for the kids, it has been from parents saying they didn’t get the newsletter about sign ups and they want to know how and when they can sign their child up for the next season of the WVL.

“We had, I bet, 25 calls from people saying, ‘I didn’t get the news letter. When are you all doing it again?’ We tell them, ‘we’re doing it in the fall.’ That’s what we announced last week that we are doing the program again in the fall. Hopefully, we can keep the $35 registration fee.

“We want to get some of the other churches involved because it’s a good outreach to our community to show that there is more that goes on at a church other than just ministry. This gives us a chance to minister in a different way. That’s how we do the junior league basketball program. We pray before we start and then go forward, and that is what we do here as well.”

Practices for the league are conducted at the respective elementary schools one day a week and then the teams get to play a game on Saturday. Games are played at the Northside Christian Life Center at Northside Baptist Church.

“Every week, we have to put out more chairs because moms and dads come and then grandparents come and other family members, and it’s just really surprising to see how many people want to come and watch girls volleyball,” Scoggins said. “I think it’s because it’s not real competitive right now. It’s all about having fun. It’s all happy. Nobody ever leaves sad. Even if they don’t win, they’re pumped.”

Scoggins said the players and parents that have been involved in this first year have been very pleased with the league.

“They are so pumped,” Scoggins said. “We have not had one negative complaint. I have been involved with little league and junior league and usually your phone rings all the time, but no one has anything to gripe about.

“They are so ecstatic that someone took the initiative to say, ‘hey, our girls are going into seventh grade, we need to get something going because you either make the team or you don’t.”

Scoggins said the WVL will offer fall volleyball with registration to take place in late August or early September. For more information about fall volleyball registration, contact Shannon Scoggins at 817-596-5285.

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