A Weatherford man was removed from an American Airlines flight Sunday night and arrested for public intoxication as well as three other charges, according to an AA official and the police report.

Along with the public intoxication charge, the man — identified as Brandon Cordell Ganus, 32, of Weatherford — was also charged with resisting arrest, assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

“American Airlines flight 2480 from Pittsburgh to Dallas/Fort Worth diverted to Oklahoma City due to a disruptive passenger,” according to a statement from American Airlines media relations. “The flight landed safety at 11:31 p.m. and taxied to the gate. [Ganus] deplaned and was subsequently arrested by law enforcement. We want to thank our crew, along with some of the customers, who assisted during this situation.”

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department incident report, when officers arrived, Ganus could be heard yelling obscenities throughout the plane.

“His left wrist was secured by a plastic ‘zipcuff’ and his right wrist and hand had been make-shift secured with duct tape indicating to [officers] that his resistance had been too much for the passengers and crew to overcome,” according to the report. “Ganus was turned sideways in the seat, which caused his legs to be trapped under the armrest. Ganus exhibited red watery eyes, slurred speech and an odor of alcoholic beverage so overpowering that [officers] easily detected it long before [officers] reached him.”

According to the report, officers had some difficulty handcuffing Ganus, but were able to maneuver him off the plane without further incident.

“As we passed Gate 8, Ganus became extremely agitated and moved into more active resistance. He refused to walk and locked his knees,” according to the report. “He also made repeated threats of physical violence against us and our families.”

Ganus collapsed to his knees in an attempt to resist his arrest, according to the report.

“We moved Ganus to a stabilized position and asked for the airport operations director to retrieve a wheelchair from the nearby queue. We were able to move Ganus to the wheelchair for a more safe and secure transport to the police office,” according to the report. “Ganus exhibited a variety of paranoid statements and repeatedly demanded to speak to his lawyer, the chief of police and repeatedly referred to his team of '15 lawyers.’”

Ganus was transported and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on the listed charges, but could not be located as of Thursday afternoon.

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