Name: Zan Prince, Republican County Chair

Occupation: 30 Year Agent for New York Life, Chairman of First Baird Bancshares and affiliates including First National Bank of Weatherford.

Education: BBA, Summa cum Laude from Texas Woman’s University; MBA, Strategic Management from University of North Texas; Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant from the American College; Graduate School of Banking at Colorado

Community Involvement: East Parker County Chamber, Weatherford Chamber, Springtown Chamber, Zonta’s Club of Parker County, Aledo Advocats, Board member for Parker County Health Foundation, Active member of our Local Church, Supporter of countless local causes

Family: Married to Mike Prince, 2 adult sons, and 2 grandsons.

1. What relevant experience do you have that makes you the best candidate for Chair of the County Republican Party?

I believe that your voice and your vote make a difference, so I’ve campaigned while working, raising my family, and volunteering. I’ve integrated political advocacy into my day to day life because government has a huge effect on our lives. I’ve worked Headquarters, done phone banking, block walking, putting out signs, been an advocate for candidates and issues. I’ve spoken to all ages in schools, churches, and community events. I’ve organized training from the Leadership Institute, RPT, Social Media in both formal and informal settings. Candidates, prospective candidates, elected officials, and citizens have access to me to discuss their concerns or questions. Since 2002, we’ve coordinated the county wide mailer asking people to vote Republican resulting in an increase in our Republican vote. We’ve organized grassroots activists to campaign for Republican candidates across the country, while taking care of business here at home. I personally campaigned for President Bush in West Palm Beach in 2000 and President Trump in Pittsburgh in 2016.

2. What are your goals for the office if elected? 

My goal is to continue to invite all who share Republican values to participate in the process to grow our base from the 70-72% when I took office to the current 82% Republican turnout. I’m proud of the growth under my leadership and our standing in the top 10% in the State. That success comes from community and grassroots support. We’ll continue to be transparent with voters to make sure they know when and where to vote. We’ll continue to train grassroots foot soldiers and coordinate activities not just at home, but across the country. We’ll continue to hold local elections while controlling expenses to minimize tax burden. We will build on our success to make sure that Parker County continues to be bright red and represented by Republicans in the White House, State House, and every local office.

3. What do you see as the most pressing issues for the County Republican Party, and how do you plant to confront them in office?

The most pressing issue for the Republican Party at home is outreach and recruitment of the next generation of public servants. We must reach young Republicans and help them understand how the entire process works from the voting booth to one day running for office themselves. We have an enemy, it’s called complacency. Just as every vote counts, every election counts. Some people only vote in ‘major elections’ and may not understand the local School Board, College Board, and Hospital District all set Parker County Tax Rates, and those elections directly affect public policy and your tax dollars! We need to focus on the day to day battles to control government intervention in our lives and businesses. Government needs to focus on policies that leave more dollars in your family budget, relieves regulatory burden, enforces our laws, supports policies that promote strong family values, enforces strong borders, provides a strong investment in our military to make sure that our service personnel have all that they need to serve and protect our country from all enemies. We must never forget that there are battles won and lost, but the political war continues for the heart and soul of our country.

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